➡️ Step II. Fee Discussion

Policyholders have a right to collect the maximum amounts due under the terms of their policy.

Most people know carriers will usually pay a firmly conservative amount; assuming they are first compelled to even provide claim coverage for you.

What they don’t know is that carriers underpay the claim most of the time for some of the following reasons: inexperienced adjusters, indifference, personality conflicts, not enough available time to focus on your claim, or other reasons.

They under pay a claim in three common ways:

1) They completely omit items that should be paid.

2) They underpay items they agreed to pay.

3) They cover a smaller square footage area of the claim than they should have.

Often, when all these underpayments are corrected and added together the revised amounts actually owed can be up to 10x or more higher.

Some people think that when they file a claim, the carrier automatically will provide coverage. What they don’t know is what an insider lawyer told me that worked in the claims decision department. She said this is the formula, “20% all claims should always be paid, 20% of all claims should never be paid, 60% of all claims are left up to the carrier’s adjuster” This means most claims have a significantly subjective component to them, and so you are at much higher risk for a denied claim than you realize! We ALWAYS recommend that you retain a public adjuster that is skilled at providing claim coverage technical communication to the carrier’s adjuster at the initial onsite inspection to drastically reduce your risk for a DENIED claim.

As a policyholder, you must have a public adjuster who can competently and persuasively convince the carrier  why more should be paid than what is offered. They must be able to present them with comprehensive, compelling, documentation, and also convincingly explain verbally why more should be paid.

“Not just any Public Adjuster will do.”

Great Public Adjuster teams are ones with related industry backgrounds including, general contractor background, previous adjuster employment with carriers, and decades of extensive public adjuster experience.

A broad spectrum of experience is invaluable including working locally and nationwide with large, small, commercial & residential claims related to fire, water, storm, vandalism. Additionally, decades of related insurance industry claims experience in litigation cases is vital.

Sometimes the first thing a potential client wants to know without even knowing anything else about their claim, our company, or the claims process is…

“So what do you charge, like 10%?”

They don’t realize…”Having a public adjuster license is just not enough….”

Public adjusters willing to represent you for a 10% fee are a dime a dozen, sometimes you can find them willing to charge even less.

In our experience it is not feasible to  charge such a minimal amount on standard claims and give the claim the time and focus that is needed. Hiring someone primarily based on the lowest fee can put you at risk for catastrophically poor results.

In the end this can cost you with a predictably far smaller claim settlement, and adding insult to injury you paid their fee for lackluster results! Even worse, you may now have a denied claim that otherwise could have had a better chance of being a covered claim with a public adjuster having the right experience and communication ability.

So, you have to decide…”Do I want to pay a smaller fee from a smaller amount paid” or…”Would I rather pay a professional a fee that accurately reflects their training, experience, and the proper amount of time needed to maximize this claim’s maximum recovery potential?”

If we accept your project, we are confident we have the perfect blend of great skills and experience to give you the best opportunity for the highest claim outcome amount!

Our typical fees*

Residential Claims

New/Unpaid:        15-20%  Fee

Partially Paid:        20-30% Fee

Commercial or Fire Claims

New/Unpaid:        10-20%  Fee

Partially Paid:        15-25% Fee


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