As a property owner, you may be accustomed to planning and preparing for storm and wind damage to your home or place of business. However, even with the best preparations possible, storm damage can still be severe and you may feel lost, not knowing what the right steps to take care. At ClaimMax Adjusters, we are premier public adjusters in California, and we work directly for you, the policyholder, to ensure you can quickly and efficiently begin your insurance claim process with your insurance company. Let our team of professionally licensed public adjusters advise you on your next steps.

Once you have ClaimMax Adjusters on your side, our first order of business will be to discuss making an appointment with you to asses the damage. In order to maximize your settlement, we’ll want to go over a policy recap and coverage summary to ensure you get the most out of your benefits. We will help you get detailed photos, video, and descriptions of your damage. When submitting your claim, it is vital that it is done properly. As soon as you call ClaimMax Adjusters we will quickly consult with you over the phone and suggest a recommended action plan that usually includes a scheduled on-site inspection to begin the process of comprehensive documentation essential for obtaining prompt and fair carrier payments.  While it may be important to make a call early on to an emergency plumber or dry out vendor, you should consider calling us first to obtain vendor selection guidance from us to dramatically lower your risk of poor repairs and claim denials and or claim underpayments. Don’t wait until your claim has been approved for less than you were hoping or even denied before getting the help of a public adjuster.

To learn more about how we can help you with your storm damage insurance claim, contact us today.