Vandalism is a willful and intentional act to destroy property. While there are steps that can be taken to help deter vandalism, it’s bound to occur on either public or private property — especially depending on the location of your home or business. As a business owner, vandalism can not only impact the look of your business, but it could actually interrupt your ability to conduct your business. In order to ensure you won’t suffer loss of business in addition to property damage, it’s essential that you get a good public adjuster on your side. We know how to assess the damage, evaluate loss, and we will work with you to seek appropriate compensation.

As a homeowner or business owner, you might feel intimidated or overwhelmed at the prospect of seeking the benefits that you’re entitled to as a policyholder. In order to not lose time or lose out on the maximum payout possible from your insurance company, our team at ClaimMax Adjusters will immediately get to work to fight for you against the power of the insurance company. While your insurance company has adjusters working for them who can assist you in filing your insurance claim, they work for the insurance company, which means they’re looking out for the insurance company first and foremost. Whereas with our team of public adjusters, we work for you. We promise to fight for your rights and help to ensure you don’t miss out on all of the benefits within your policy.

To learn more about how we can help with your vandalism insurance claim, contact us today.