➡️ Step I. Our On Boarding Procedure

a. At our 10 minute complimentary phone consultation we can discuss the circumstances of your property damage situation.

b. If we think we can help we will let you know that we can,  then we will conclude our conversation and call you back in 15 minutes after you’ve had time to read our fee discussion article here: https://www.claimmaximizeradjusters.com/fees/

c. When we call you back we will discuss any fee related questions you may have. Then if you are ready to proceed we will schedule a time for our initial on site meeting.

At our onsite meeting 4 things will occur:

1. We will determine from our visual inspection if we can accept your case at our standard rate or if our rate needs to be increased.

2. We will have you sign our representation agreement.

3. We will take pictures to begin documenting our file.

4. We can discuss how to pick vendors or repair contractors skilled at claim documentation and how to protect yourself from runaway vendor and contractor fees.

➡️ Step II. Fee Discussion